Brasileiro online

We are a retail company established since 2013 in London, specialising in marketing high quality beef from the major producing countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and Ireland. We take to our customers’ table differentiated cuts for its softness, flavour and succulence.

With stores scattered throughout London, we also sell excellent pork as well as chicken and offered pre-prepared seasoned and marinated meats, making the lives of our customers easier and more practical.

We manufacture ourselves fresh sausages for barbecue, as well as smoked pork calabrese sausage, bacon and loin for the most traditional Brazilian dish; the famous feijoada.

In the grocery sector, we have renowned Brazilian brands such as: Yoki, Zaeli, Bauducco, Camil, Nestlé and others. We have a variety of drinks, being the most sought after guaraná Antarctica and fruit juices but we also have Brazilian alcoholic beverages including cachaças, beers and wines. Some Portuguese products of the brands Sumol and Compal are also available.

When you visit our stores you can taste our delicious Brazilian salgados (snacks) including coxinhas, quibes, rissoles and esfirras. Always freshly cooked and served on the spot.

We also work with frozen foods: in the pulp area, we have varieties of fruits from the different regions of Brazil and have pamonhas, cassava and others. The most sought after is the açai ice cream.



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