London now boasts the biggest slide in the world


London now boasts the biggest slide in the world

On 24 June, the world’s tallest slide was unveiled in London.

Measuring in at a length of 178 meters, it is part of the ‘Orbit Tower’, in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Brainchild of the Belgian artist Carsten Holler, tickets for the slide have been on sale since April.

The attraction is 76 metres high and twists and turns 12 times around the tower. It takes roughly 40 seconds to get to the bottom, and riders can reach speeds of up to 24 kilometres per hour. Tickets cost 10 pounds. For the brave and willing, the ride is quite an experience!

Over in Brazil, meanwhile, there is one of the world’s biggest waterslides. In Fortaleza, at the Beach Park, the slide is 41 metres tall and, when in free-fall, riders hit up to 105km/h, in 5 seconds. Hold your stomachs!


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