Piaui Showcase – VBRATA Destination of the Year in Portugal 2023


Piaui Showcase Launch Event in Portugal and the Selection of “VBRATA Destination of the Year in Portugal” Celebrates a Roaring Success!

The launch event of Piaui Showcase – Portugal 2023, a joint initiative of VBRATA (Visit Brazil Travel Association), SEBRAE Piaui, State Government and Embratur, demonstrated a monumental success in promoting Piaui as a multifaceted destination for tourism, culture, and gastronomy and business opportunities.

Held on 22 and 23 November 2023, the Piaui Showcase brought together a variety of activities, including the presentation of Piaui as “VBRATA Destination of the Year in Portugal”, business meetings with Portugal-based tour operators and travel agents with travel suppliers from Piaui selected by SEBRAE Piaui, cooking shows to present the state’s gastronomic richness, agenda of the benchmarking business mission, extensive coverage by the press and Portuguese influencers, cultural attractions performances, Piaui gastronomy tastings and much more.

The Piaui Showcase, marked by close collaboration with the travel trade and the media in Portugal, was driven by the social media campaign “Let’s go to Piauí?” held from 01 to 30 November 2023. This campaign aimed to guarantee the project’s success, attracting Portuguese tourists to the state.

Piauí was chosen as “VBRATA Destination of the Year” due to its extraordinary potential, characterised by indigenous, African and Portuguese cultural influence. Furthermore, it stands out for its exuberant nature, including the Parnaíba Delta, the only open sea delta in the Americas, and the Serra da Capivara National Park, the largest complex of archaeological sites in the Americas.

“We are delighted to have brought all the magic of Piaui to Portugal, revealing its wonders to the travel trade, the local press and the Portuguese public. The result was extremely satisfactory, and we are thrilled with the positive response we received. It’s incredible to see how Piaui won hearts and minds, arousing the interest and curiosity of so many people. It is just the beginning of an exciting journey to show the world the riches and diversity this destination offers. The result exceeded all expectations. This is VBRATA’s main objective in presenting Brazilian destinations to international markets,” declared Glauco Chris Fuzinatto, President of VBRATA.

Piaui Showcase in Portugal, organised by SEBRAE and co-organised by Investe Piaui and the State Government, had the support of EMBRATUR and the Department of Tourism of the State of Piaui, organised by VBRATA.

For more information about the campaign and all the activities carried out in this series of events, visit the official Piaui Showcase website, www.showcasepiaui.com, and about Piauí as VBRATA’s Destination of the Year, visit www.vbrata.org/piaui.


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