The advantages of studying in London


England is the third most popular country for Brazilians looking to learn English

 According to a study conducted by the Brazilian Association of Cultural and Educational Trip Organizers – BELTA (Associação Brasileira de Organizadores de Viagens Educacionais e Culturais), England is in the top three destinations for Brazilians wishing to learn English, coming in behind the USA and Canada. The survey also found that London is the number one destination in Europe for such purposes.

However, there are many Brazilians who have questions about studying in London, which is why we have written this article.

– English is a huge plus point when it comes to finding work, so why not study the language where it was born? As well as applying what you learn in the classroom in your daily life, you will be able to experience British culture and lifestyle.

– You will encounter a wide variety of cultures in London, apart from the native British, thanks to the huge number of foreigners and immigrants from all over the world.

– Knowing your history is important, and where better to start your cultural enlightenment than at a London museum? There is a range of world-famous museums, such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum and many more. In addition, you can also visit destinations such as Kensington Palace or Westminster Abbey, which hark back to important chapters of English history.

– Don’t forget about famous scenes from the cinema world, such as Notting Hill’s colourful houses, King’s Cross station or Tower Bridge. Whilst studying in London, you will get to know these landmarks and more, after all, most of the city’s tourist points have appeared on the big screen at some time or another.

– You can also enjoy a variety of world cuisine, with Italian, Brazilian, Japanese restaurants and much more to choose from. Try something different every day of the week.

As well as all of this, you will fall in love with Big Ben, double decker buses, red phone boxes and all the other iconic London sights you have heard about and seen on TV. We guarantee it will be a unique and unforgettable experience!


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