Alternative Day-Trips in Rio de Janeiro


When in Rio, visit some of the local sights and get to know a little bit about Brazilian culture and local history. Here we offer a few alternative day trips to parks and museums, accessible to anyone and sure to impact your time in Brazil.

Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow)

by Alexandre Macieira /RioCVB

The recently opened, Museu do Amanhã,

is the work of Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava and was built next to the Praça Mauá (Mauá Square). It is an arts and sciences museum with various exhibitions that raise awareness about climate change and environmental damage. The museum also runs exhibitions with other themes. To learn more about the programme, ticket sales, and directions on getting there, access the website at


Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1808, The Botanical Gardens is a research Institute and public garden and one of the largest and most attractive green areas of the city. In addition to the 6500 species of Brazilian and foreign flora on show, it also features a number of historical monuments and attractions, including the largest specialist Botanical Library in the country. The Gardens have interpretative trails, allowing visitors to be their own guide, by using the downloadable app or picking up a leaflet. The place is fascinating, and a great learning experience. For more information:


Gávea Planetarium



Rio de Janeiro’s Planetarium, better known as Gávea Planetarium, is a space full of interactive exhibitions, which are ideal for children. With dome shaped projection screens, interactive experiments and real telescopic observations, the Planetarium receives school trips from Monday to Friday, and is open to the public on weekends and public holidays. For more information about tickets, access:


Rio Museum of Art

By Mwaldeck

By Mwaldeck

Inaugurated in 2013, the museum is located in the centre of Rio de Janeiro and plays host to a diverse range of long and short term expositions throughout the year, both from Brazil and overseas. As a centre that promotes art within a historical context, the museum offers free admission on Tuesdays. For more information about the programme and tickets, access:


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