Amazon Exhibition, by Sebastian London


Sebastian London is a young Brazilian stylist who is starting out in the world of High Fashion.


Photo by Ioana Mitroi

Born in a countryside region of the state of Mato Grosso, Sebastian has been interested in designing and making clothes since he was a child. The recognition that he is now receiving in London comes from years of hard work, effort, studying and learning.

For his 2015 collection, themed around the Amazon, Sebastian took inspiration from the Rainforest’s flora and fauna, spending about a month with a native tribe called the Chiquitanos, who live in Sebastian’s home state, which itself is a part of the Amazon Basin. His time with the tribe left him with a head full of ideas for the new collection, whilst also waking him up to a number of environmental issues. His new collection’s pieces have been created using special fibres, in the main all coming from purely biological materials.


Photo by Felipe Gonçalves

Now, the young Brazilian is presenting London with an exhibition named after his Amazon collection. The exhibition is divided between the Rainforest in its current state, and its future state if nothing is done to preserve it. There will be paintings by Sebastian, inspired by his ideas of the Amazon’s importance for all of us and his concerns for the peoples who live there.





Photo by Felipe Gonçalves

The opening night cocktail party will take place on 20 May and the exhibition will be open to the public from 22 May, lasting two weeks.

Where: Gallery NSH arts | 439 Mile End Road, E3 4PB, London.
Time: 3pm to 7pm.
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