The art of celebrating Brazil


Kungsträdgården – Photo by Jakub Halun

Brazilian Day, sponsored by the Embassy of Brazil in Sweden, is celebrated every year in one of the most beautiful places in Stockholm. On this day, the Brazilian community celebrates its culture with a mixture of nostalgia, pride and joy.

Kungsträdgården (King’s garden, in free translation) is taken over by stalls of Brazilian food and on the stage Brazilian artists (most of whom live in Sweden) perform to the delight of the audience.


Brazilian Day:

Leticia & Riglea in Brazilian Day

Leticia & Riglea in Brazilian Day

For the first time Riglea and I attended this year and represented Belaponte, our intercultural communication company. We believe that cooking is one of the most important tools in the harmonization of intercultural dialogue. People who visited our stall had the opportunity to taste typical Brazilian goodies such as banana bread and corn starch cookies accompanied by delicious fresh coffee. Did you know that coffee is even more popular in Sweden than in Brazil? An interesting fact is that Swedes are the world’s second biggest coffee drinkers per capita!

Brazilian Day is an excellent opportunity for Brazilian kids living in Sweden to maintain contact with Brazilian culture in a very easy and fun way. After all, when we live abroad we can’t always keep in touch with music, language, tastes, smells and different accents at once!

What made us very happy and proud was the success of our two books, Holiday Activities and Sou chef! I am a chef! Both books promote education and maintaining Portuguese as a heritage language. The great interest in them at Brazilian Day just makes it clear that this new generation of brasileirinhos is only far from Brazil physically. Our culture – our language, our food, our music – is shared very proudly with everyone around us.


About Author

LETICIA PONTES, 37, is from São Paulo capital and has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 2004. She is a lawyer registered at the Brazilian Bar Association after having finished her studies at the PUC-SP. Since 2010 she has worked with image consulting and intercultural communication. In her multicultural family, where 3 different languages are spoken and easily mixed, it is the meals between beloved ones that is responsible for teaching all of them about the culture beyond the languages. Since June 2015, when she became Martin´s mother, she dedicates herself along with her husband to raising their son to become a world citizen.