Artificial intelligence writes song based on the Beatles’ style


The English band Beatles, one of the most famous of all time, after dozens of acclaimed albums, have now inspired a technological revolution.

The artificial intelligence Flow Machines, developed by Sony CSL, Sony’s computer science laboratory, recently composed a song in tribute to Liverpool’s fab four.

Called ‘Daddy’s Car’, the song sounds as if it belongs to one of the band’s first albums. The programme used techniques and musical styles it learnt from a giant database to write the song.

However, like most Beatles songs, Daddy’s Car wasn’t written by a single musician. The French composer Benoît Carré was invited by Sony to give the song a human touch. He set the arrangements, wrote the lyrics and produced the track.

The song features on an album which will be full of pieces written by Sony’s AI. It is due for release in 2017, but you can have a listen to Daddy’s Car via this link.

So? What do you think? Is it comparable to something that could have been written by the Beatles?


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