Band Black Sabbath to tour Brazil for the last time


After a three-year hiatus, the English band Black Sabbath are coming back to Brazil for their farewell tour, “The End”, with shows scheduled for the beginning of December.

The band, formed in Birmingham at the end of the 60s, is known as one of the great precursors to heavy metal, and will be in the country for the second time with their current line-up, which features three original members: vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Toni Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler. Completing the line-up is drummer Tommy Clufetos, in place of Bill Ward.

In addition to dozens of metal classics, the group will be performing their album “13”, from 2013, and the EP “The End”, released in January of this year.

Billed as the band’s final set of stage shows, the world tour began on 20 January, in the US and, before arriving in Brazil, will have stopped off in other South American countries, such as Argentina and Chile.

The tour ends in the Morumbi football stadium, in São Paulo, on 4/12.


If you are a fan, further information and tickets can be found on this site.


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