BBMag 11 Editorial


Welcome to another edition of BBMag, the only London-based bilingual Anglo-Brazilian publication! This time around we seek to temper some of our more traditional themes, such as tourism and culture, with the rather peculiar context in which we find ourselves. For this reason, we have several articles that explore the health crisis currently gripping our world. 


Unable to visit museums and galleries in London during the Covid-19 pandemic? No problem—check out My London for a selection of virtual tours available during these restricted times! You won’t regret it. And speaking of health, we can’t fail to mention the true heroes of the hour: our frontline health professionals! These brave warriors have come up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles to save lives while risking their own. These are the real British (and Brazilians) that rock! 


In Chit Chat, you’ll find our regular interesting facts and figures about Brazil and its culture, while our Tourism section transports you to Italy for an unforgettable tour of Veneto: an incredible destination that’ll have you itching to pack your bags. And, in addition to Veneto, we present the wonders of Southern Brazil, perhaps a lesser-known region but every bit as spectacular at the rest of the country.  


With wanderlust in mind, don’t miss our article about the new travel realities for European tourism: in particular, how hotels intend to receive guests amidst the pandemic and the strict protocols that tourists must adhere to. 


And how has business been impacted during this period of uncertainty? The Internet has proven critical to our fulfilment needs, especially for digitally savvy companies. And it was online that many artists and performers from around the world were able to continue working, performing and exhibiting their talents. But it is not just our ways of working that have changed, our wardrobes have one new prominent addition: facemasks, of all types and colours… 


Be sure to also follow the fortunes of our very own Brazilian chef in England, Luciana Berry, as she competes in Top Chef Brasil. Good luck, Luciana! And sample the Brazilian cocktails trending at the moment with our mixologist extraordinaire, Hugo Tolomei! 


We hope this edition of BBMag comes as a welcome injection of Brazilian verve. After all, Bossa is the energy we need to keep going. Better times are ahead, no doubt, and the world will emerge from this crisis stronger and more beautiful than ever. Stay Bossa! 


Until next time! 


Glauco Chris Fuzinatto 

Publisher / Managing Editor 


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