BBMAG launches the Directory of Brazilian Products and Services in the UK


The life of those seeking Brazilian products and services in London and other cities across the UK just got a whole lot easier with the latest release from Bossa Brazil Magazine – BBMag – the “Directory of Brazilian Products and Services in the UK”.

BBMag is an up to date and innovative magazine offering information and news about Brazilian lifestyle and culture and has gained considerable readership in the UK amongst Brazilians, Brits and friends of the Brazilian community. Now BBMag’s site offers its readers one more useful tool: The Directory of Brazilian Products and Services in the UK.

It is a practical online list of classifieds that provide useful information about products and services offered by Brazilians in London and the UK, offering users, as well as assistance in Portuguese, the opportunity to stay in contact with Brazilian hospitality and conveniences.

The Directory of Brazilian Products and Services in the UK covers a wide range of goods and services, from travel agencies to supermarkets, bars, and restaurants; professional services such as doctors and dentists; the beauty and well-being sector, such as manicures, hair stylists and massage therapists; to more specialist services such as accountants, immigration consultants, freight, vans, computer specialists, construction, decoration, home remodelling and more.

With special visibility given to advertisers and partners of BBMag, the categorised sections of the directory and advertising spots provide owners of Brazilian businesses in London and the UK an excellent opportunity to promote and drive awareness amongst a specialised audience. For more information, contact the BBMag’s commercial department.

Click here, learn more about the Directory, and spread the word to your friends!


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