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We are currently working at full steam to produce the next issue of BBMag Bossa Brazil Magazine and BBMag Bossa Latinos Magazine, the only London-based bi-lingual magazines in London

BBMag is the only London-based bilingual Anglo-Brazilian and Anglo-Hispanic publications specialised in international lifestyle with a focus on travel and tourism, culture with gastronomy and business.

BBMag is distributed to London-based readers at no cost, ensuring that the reach and impact of our advertising partners are maximised amongst this very specific and niche audience. We print twice a year with 20,000 copies per issue and over 200 distribution points in London and surrounding areas reaching 60,000 readers per issue; 40% Brazilians, Portuguese-speaking and Latin American communities living in the United Kingdom and 60% of British and international, married, family or friends of these communities. We also print regular special editions focused on international destinations.

Working with BBMag you will be promoted to a very niche audience interested in international culture, travel and tourism.  On the other hand, we also promote London and our advertising partners to Brazilians and Latin Americans based in Brazil, in Latin America and in Europe with an interest to visit the UK.

Besides our printed version we also have BBMAG DIGITAL  with weekly post and editorial coverage. We also have an exclusive product called “BBMAG BUSINESS DIRECTORY”; an online tool to promote businesses, products and services in the UK.

Via our digital and social media campaigns, we now reach monthly over 800,000 in the UK, Europe and Brazil as well as over 300,000 British and international audiences.

For further information and campaign proposals, please contact us via our website or by clicking here.

You can view BBMag editions on this link.


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BBMAG is the only London-based bilingual publication specialised in Brazilian and Latin American lifestyle. BBMag is free to all UK based readers ensuring that all our sponsors and advertisers benefit from 100% awareness to our given distribution audience made up of governments and establishments, industry organisations, bars and restaurants, arts centres, schools, cinemas, theatres, shows, festivals, events’ venues and many more...