BBMag – November 2020 – Editorial


Welcome to the latest edition of BBMag.

Dear Readers

BBMag, your number one bilingual Anglo-Brazilian magazine is back and despite the troubling uncertainties surrounding Covid-19; we have to believe that better times are ahead, no doubt.

So, as usual, we are on-hand with our regular dose of positivity—interesting features, little-known facts, tourist destinations and, irresistible food and drink!

In this edition of BBMag, we take you on a trip around Italy to explore all the treasures that this incredible country has to offer. In addition to some interesting facts about Italian culture, we get to grips with the origins and meteoric rise of Prosecco! Who knows, once this pandemic is in the rear-view mirror, Veneto—a destination brimming with UNESCO heritage sites—might be your next holiday destination!

But just because we escape to Italy, doesn’t mean we forgot about the UK: we let you know-how about taking a virtual tour of one of the many royal palaces in London and throughout the land!

Returning to our Brazilian roots, we profile some of the most seminal artists of Bossa Nova. We also delve into Italian-Brazilian culture and celebrate some of the most influential artists from both countries and their timeless work, which today are deemed modern-day masterpieces.

And did you hear that our very own resident gastronomy expert, Luciana Berry, was recently crowned the winner of Top Chef Brasil 2020? Be sure to check out our champion’s exclusive recipe.

Don’t forget, all the content of this and other previous editions of BBMag is available online at Just visit the site and enjoy at your leisure!

With this issue, we complete our fifth year of circulation, and we are already busy preparing for our sixth. Even amid the issues surrounding Covid-19, we hope that a new year—not to mention summertime in Brazil—will bring some positivity to these difficult times. We will see each other again soon.

Take care, and happy reading.

Until next time!

Glauco Chris Fuzinatto
Publisher / Managing Editor


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