Beatles for kids


The project Beatles for Children was created by teacher, musician and musical director Fabio Freire. With more than ten years of experience of teaching music to children, Freire, having already released four children’s CD compilations and starred in various musical and theatrical productions, got together with three other musicians and actor Gabriel Manetti to create this show.

With the projection of photos, videos and a sound system that gives even more power to the music of the British quartet, each performance encourages crowd participation and interaction. It is fun for the whole family and everyone can enjoy the good music and equally good stories. Both children and adults are encouraged to take to the stage and participate, joining in with the vocals and playing instruments with the band.

The project gained momentum when Freire met Paul McCartney in Recife in 2012. The videos of the shows enchanted the idol and hence earned the “official” permission of the maestro, and since then the group has been performing throughout Brazil.

Página do Facebook do Beatles para Crianças



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