Tips for a relaxing and tranquil trip, void of any unnecessary stress!

Worse than having an item confiscated from your carry-on luggage or being forced to pay excess baggage fees, is missing your flight altogether! To help you avoid the stresses of travel, BBMag’s got all the tips you need to get prepared and make the most of your trip, be it for leisure or business.

Assuming you purchase your ticket online and you’re prompted to select a seat, do it. Keep an eye on any flight
updates and check in online as soon as you’re able to—usually up to 48 hours prior to take-off. Or, even easier still, ask your travel agent to assist you.
Be sure of your flight departure time and give yourself plenty of time to avoid any unnecessary rush. Keep your ticket and travel documents handy at all times. Certain countries require specific vaccines, so it’s always sensible to check with your local travel agent or embassy website as these policies are subject to frequent change and updates.
Don’t overpack—it’s easy to overdo it when shopping on holiday, so you might need the space. And always avoid
carrying prohibited items in your carry-on bag: they will be confiscated.
Avoid consuming heavy foods that may produce heartburn or discomfort during your flight. Also, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, the effects of which are often accentuated when aboard due to the cabin pressure.

Don’t use tight clothes! Cotton or Lycra are generally the best options. A coat and socks come in handy for those that tend to feel the cold. A carry-on provides the perfect storage for such items, as well as an extra change of clothes (if you want to reach your destination “less wrinkled”).
If your ears tend to suffer after take-off, keep some candy or chewing gum within reach.
On longer haul flights, a stroll down the aisle every three hours is advised to ensure activate blood circulation.
And to help pass the time, carry alternatives to the usual inflight entertainment: a book, a tablet, or a laptop can make for a welcome distraction, especially if you can download your favourite content in advance.

You can make the most of your landing by catching up on messages and emails, leaving everything ready to be sent once the Wi-Fi kicks in. Swipe through your vacation snaps, deleting the bad ones, or finish off your business report. All of this helps pass the time and get you back up to speed.


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