Brazilians That Rock: Bell Marques


Bell Marques is one of the biggest stars of the axé music scene. The singer from Salvador was the lead singer of the band Chiclete com Banana for more than 30 years, but now performs as a solo artist. Famous for creating some of the biggest hits from the Bahia carnival culture, he has already sold over 8 million records in Brazil.

Known for his charisma, irreverence, and stage presence, Bell will play his latest album, Forró do Lago 2 in London. The album features classics from both the Forró and the national music scene, collaborations with his children and other classic bands like Limão com Mel and Calcinha Preta, and icons like Alceu Valenca and Gilberto Gil. An electrifying concert of axé to get you jumping out of you seat and singing along!

When: 6 November, 4pm

Where: O2 Forum Kentish Town – 9-17 Highgate Road London NW5 1JY

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