The Best of Both Worlds British and Brazilian Food in London


The staple English food Potato originates from Latin America, so how much further does the link go? Brazil has many tropical fruits and vegetables, as well as many more flavours for the tongue to explore, so we should take a deeper look. As a matter of fact, most of the ingredients would not be that difficult to find in a good super market anywhere in London.

In recent times, traditional Brazilian Food in London is getting more common in themed restaurants and the best hotels! If you think of variations of food, there is always a lot to imagine. For homes across the UK, experimenting with their daily routine dinner or lunch is not uncommon; so you can also make this your own passion and explore Brazilian food.

In London, smaller restaurants can also capitalise with such changes in their menu! You could look up plenty of exotic recipes online, and some well imaginative tastes of Brazilian food in London could be a great way to boost your restaurant’s popularity. Let us look at some these unique mergers of tastes between dishes and drinks from Brazil for people living in London.

Micro Brew Beer Flavours
To mention Brazilian food in London without mentioning the favourite drink of the world is impossible; so let us discuss the rising trend of microbrew beer in both countries. Brazilian beaches host millions of tourists every year, and there is a rising number of small shacks along the beaches serving beers with their unique tastes. Running your own Micro Brewery is also a rising trend in the UK; though the beer brewing technique itself is quite distinct! With the new age methods of home brewing, exotic Brazilian flavours and experimental tastes in beer is a good way of impressing you friends, or making your eatery more distinct.

Coconut is a natural ingredient easily available in London, and you can also experiment also with other tropical fruits like Papaya, Pineapple, or even Banana! Remember that Coffee is also a Brazilian standard when it comes to flavours.Microbreweries can be your garage, room or hobby, and would want to explore other distinct (more British) flavours; but for sake of innovation, you can always start with Coconut beer if you want to relish a touch of Brazilian food in London! For a restaurant brewing their own beer, you could always have a special night of Brazilian dishes, and top it up with such exotic fruit flavours of beer as well!

A Brazilian Christmas Fare for Londoners
One of the most common festivals to consider when comparing international tastes is Christmas, and the English table could always do with a touch of Brazil! Roast Chicken or Turkey is common across the world, and if you want to explore a taste of Brazilian food in London, try looking for a good recipe online or in a Brazilian magazine. Among the most important things to remember is that Brazilian spices include paprika, fennel seeds, and cinnamon. These spices have fortunately become more popular in the UK because of mixed cultures and the demand for them across super markets in London.

Brazilian staple foods like Black Beans, Cassava and Cashew can be used in a variety of English dishes with a little imagination. Try adding more exotic possibilities to the Christmas fare like Rabanada which is easy to prepare and a variant of French Toast or some other unique dessert recipes available online. Fruits can always make your Christmas Dinner more wholesome, and you can explore a variety of cocktails and shakes as well. When exploring typically Brazilian food in London, remember that tastes may vary according to what is available in a country, but over the centuries, many of the dishes have crossed paths!


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