Blue November lights up Brazilian tourist hot spots


Blue November is a worldwide campaign which aims to raise awareness about men’s healthcare issues.
The movement first originated in Australia in 2003, coinciding with the already existing World Day to Combat Prostate Cancer, on 17 November.

One of the main objectives is to break the taboo and male prejudices which surround the issue of prostate cancer prevention. The campaign raises awareness of the importance of men having regular digital rectal exams at the doctor, fundamental for the early detection of prostate cancer.

Movember – moustache and November – is more than just an awareness raising campaign. It’s a way of bringing men together to talk about issues which they usually keep quiet about.

To commemorate the date and get the public’s attention, some of Brazil’s most famous monuments are lit up in blue, such as Christ the Redeemer, in Rio; the National Congress, in Brasília; the Amazonas Theatre, in Manaus and the Monumento às Bandeiras, in São Paulo, among others.

A worthy tribute to a special and important date for men’s healthcare and general well-being – not only Brazilians, but men from all over the world!



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