Bossa Brazil Magazine launches New Talents, an initiative to uncover up-and-coming writers


An opportunity for journalists and writers to have their work published internationally

Bossa Brazil Magazine (BBMAG), London’s only bilingual magazine dedicated to Brazilian culture and lifestyle, has launched an exciting new project designed to discover New Talents in the world of journalism and feature writing.

Up-and-coming writers have the opportunity of being published internationally, by submitting articles concerning a diverse range of interests, including fashion, sports, music, arts, cinema, theatre, food and wine, gastronomy, tourism, travel, culture, social media, technology, among others. Submissions should reflect BBMag’s editorial direction, that is, feature and celebrate Brazil and its people, as well British and friends of Brazil.

“These days, social media is increasing averse to self-promotion, but when material is published by an independent media like BBMag, we have seen how it attracts genuine readership and interest”.

The materials can be submitted in Portuguese or English and BBMag will take care of any necessary revision or translation. Most material will be published on BBMag’s website,, but selected articles will also be approved for the print magazine, which is distributed free of charge at more than 400 points throughout London. Printed editions are published in November and May.

So, if you have a passion for writing, Brazil, and are looking to get your work recognised internationally, both in the UK and Brazil, get in touch via



Bossa Brazil Magazine (BBMag) is the only bilingual publication in London dedicated to Brazilian lifestyle and culture. Distributed for free, the magazine’s focus is to promote Brazil as a modern, intelligent and creative nation, replete with stunning tourist destinations and a uniquely vibrant culture.

By promoting Brazilian lifestyle and culture, BBMag seeks to drive British interest in Brazil, as well as reporting on some important sectors for Brazilians, British and international communities in the United Kingdom. By the same token, we also strive to promote London and the UK in Brazil and in Europe.

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