Brazil grabs the limelight in England


Thanks to several VBRATA events, Brazil will be centre stage this June in England and promoted as a hub for culture, tourism and business

Some of Brazil’s most diverse sectors, including gastronomy, culture, business and tourism, will be on show for all to see this summer in London. Much of this promotion is thanks to VBRATA’s (Visit Brazil Travel, Cultural and Business Association) continuous efforts to promote Brazil as one of Latin America’s leading tourist destinations.

VBRATA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Brazil both in the UK and the rest of Europe. The organisation seeks to establish an ever more positive image of Brazil and its culture, whilst working with the travel and tourism industry to drive destination awareness, initiate new business opportunities, and keep all relevant parties abreast of Brazilian affairs. It also promotes lectures and training courses for those working in the travel trade to help maintain a more informed and qualified marketplace.

VBRATA will travel to various UK cities, including Bath, Woking and Norwich, as part of the organisation’s Brazil Road Show. The tour aims to promote Brazilian tourism and support specialist suppliers in the UK, and as part of the program there’ll also be a seminar on Brazilian culture and tourism at the Brazilian Embassy in London. Shortly afterwards, VBRATA will stage the third edition of the London Caipirinha Festival, the largest event of its kind. The much loved Caipirinha cocktail is central to proceedings, but bolstered by a festival of culture, music and tourism along the banks of the River Thames.

VBRATA has other seminars, lectures and events scheduled throughout Europe later in the year, which will visit Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain. These plans include the second edition of the Madrid Caipirinha Festival 2019 and the inaugural Milano Caipirinha Festival in Italy. Stay up to speed with all the latest developments at


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