Brazil nominated for International Award in Sustainable Tourism


Eco-reserve in Mato Grosso do Sul’s Pantanal region will represent the country at awards ceremony organized by the WTTC

The Caiman Eco-reserve, one of the finalists of this year’s WTTC award, is located in the Pantanal region of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. 

Brazil is among the 15 finalists of the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow award, a prize given to organizations and establishments which adopt best environmental practices, through the conservation of biodiversity, protection of natural habitats and anti-climate change measures. Representing the country in the ‘Environmental Award’, the Caiman Eco-Reserve, located in the Pantanal region of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is competing with two other finalists: one from the United Kingdom and another from Indonesia.

Considered one of the most prestigious prizes of its kind, the award is organized annually by the WTTC. The winners will be announced at the end of April, during the annual WTTC summit, which will be held in Bangkok, on 26 & 27 April.

For Embratur’s (Brazilian Institute for Tourism) president, the nomination is a confirmation that Brazil is an excellent tourist attraction for international travellers, and is on-track with world sustainability standards. “The Institute supports and recognises the importance of the award. As well as minimizing negative environmental and sociocultural impact, such tourism services provide economic benefits for local communities, as is the case with the Caiman Eco-Reserve”, highlights Lummertz.

Brazil also had a representative at the 2014 WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow award. Bonito (MS) was a finalist in the Destination category. The municipality took second place, losing out to Greece’s Navarino Coast.

“We head to the World Tourism Organization meeting with the idea of promoting 2017 as the Year of International Sustainable Tourism. Embratur’s aim is to raise awareness about the importance of tourism for sharing natural and cultural heritage and spreading wealth though travel”, said Vinicius Lummertz.


Source: Embratur

Photo: Embratur


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