Brazilian actor Daniel Monteiro is a hit in London


Brazilian Daniel Monteiro is part of the stage cast of the musical “The Lion King” and has already received critical acclaim for his performance. His gift for the arts began in his teens. He studied ballet and his career took off soon after his first stage role. After starring in the Brazilian version of “The Lion King” he was invited to participate in a minor adaptation of the play that was touring several cities in the UK where, on occasion, he stood in for the main actor of the role “Simba”.

In February this year the young actor was chosen to be part of the fixed cast of the English production. He moved to London and today plays the role of the Rhino, a headline part, and stands in for the lead actor when needed.

Daniel has many plans for the future and intends to continue on the English stage, setting his sights on the adaptation of “Aladdin”.

The season runs to January 2017.

Where: Lyceum Theatre – 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7RQ

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