Brazilian Consulate in London’s website features new section about Power of Attorney requests


The Consulate-General of Brazil in London’s website has a new feature to make the Brazilian community in the United Kingdom’s life easier – a Power of Attorney section.

One of the most important services for Brazilians living abroad, Power of Attorney requests are one of the most commonly required services of the Consulate.

Power of Attorney means that a physical or legal person concedes the right to another person to sign official documents in their name on Brazilian soil.

Among the most common types requested are: marriage/divorce, real estate purchase and sales and transfer of possessions. Private requests are simple documents which can be printed by the Grantor, but which require the official recognition of the Consulate.

After some hard work from the Consulate’s employees, who identified the public’s main problems and misunderstandings of the subject, the website’s section has been totally re-done. You will now find all the most important information about what you need to know, including tips and suggested texts.

For further information, visit the webpage here.


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