The Brazilian dancer who shines in London


The Royal Ballet is one of the largest and most respected ballet companies around the world. Located in London, it has tradition, daring and exceptional standards of artistry. It is certainly one of the most coveted schools by dancers.

Speaking of talent, a Brazilian has gained space in ballet and thrilling with his performance. His name is Thiago Soares, a carioca grown in the district of Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro, and at his early 12s was already interested in dance, but was at 15 years old  was when the classical ballet appeared in his life: he won a scholarship studies in Rio Dance Center. But his first great achievement was when he won an international competition in Paris, and after that, a gold medal at the International Ballet Competition of the Bolshoi, Russia, the first one won by a Brazilian.

With this achievement, international career opportunities were appeared: in 2002 he was invited to join the Royal Ballet as “first artist”, but was soon promoted as “Principal” in 2006. His repertoire in the company is extensive, with several presentations, becoming one of the most acclaimed dancers in many countries.

Thiago Soares is undoubtedly a pride for Brazil.

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Thiago Soares, principal of the royal ballet


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