Brazilian Design: Bio-jewellery


Bio-jewels, given their natural beauty and originality, have been grabbing the attention of women of late. Sales of this type of product are on the rise thanks to their value in terms of sustainability. The bio-jewellery market in Brazil is in rapid expansion with growing potential in terms of exportation.


biojoias1People often mistake bio-jewellery for a local craft, but the difference lies in the design, the concept, and the technology used to exalt raw materials, which are composed of natural elements, metals, precious and semi-precious stones. As you can see, they are created from genuinely Brazilian materials, and so in this respect are unique and exclusive pieces of work.





Women who like unique and exotic accessories, geared towards sustainability, are increasingly taking to this most fashionable trend. The can be used with a wide range of clothes, be them as part of your day-to-day or as a stunning necklace to give that special sparkle to a simple black dress.



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