Brazilian fashion in London


World famous, Brazilian fashion in London is a growing market. Clothes, footwear, accessories, dresses and Brazilian jeans sold by Brazilian professionals can be found in a diverse range of London’s neighbourhoods, as well as online.


To keep up to date with the latest Brazilian fashion, find out what is set to be in in 2017:



A women’s classic, the tunic is back with avengance in 2017. It can be used alone or combined with a skirt or trousers – the main thing is to go for simple prints and lighter shades.





Striped sandals

Ideal for keeping your feet cool on those scorching summer days, striped sandals burst onto the catwalk recently, with hand finishes and cheerful colours.



A long-time Brazilian passion, the Latin-style hat is a sensation on the catwalks and the highstreets. Light shades such as white, beige or grey are elegant and protect you from the ferocious Brazilian summer sun.


Flat sandals

Sandals are all the rage right now. Another trend for 2017 are the flats. Available in a variety of colours and with all sorts of finishes, they are sure to dominate the Brazilian beach fronts this year.


Pouch bags

As well as being attractive and simple, these kinds of bags are super practical, as they can hold pretty much everything you need. They can be used on the beach or on the high street.




Natural fabrics

Another long-time love of Brazilian women, natural fabrics such as raphia, jute and cork are big hitters for summer 2017. Not only stylish and elegant, they are totally sustainable – which fits right in with the Brazilian fashion ethic!


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