A Brazilian Flavour – The Taste of Rio


To help celebrate the Rio Olympics, what better than to bring some of Brazil’s tastes and brazilian flavour to our tables?

The Chef Luciana Berry has brought her talent right to the heart of London, in partnership with the Cinnamon Club Group, and conducted her gastronomic experiment at the Anise Bar / Cinnamon Kitchen.
With a menu based on Rio’s boteco bars, the spirit of the event was distinctly Brazilian, all about sharing moments with friends and family around a table-full of delicious food and caipirinhas. Three days of success were guaranteed!

Luciana, along with her team of experts, is already getting another event ready, which will take place on 15, 16 and 17 September. This edition is set to focus on food from the state of Pará, with Chef Jorge Boumnauer, Bahia, with Luciana herself and India, with Pratibha Khaitan.

For further information and to make sure you get a place, keep an eye on Luciana Berry’s social networks, Twitter @brazilianchefuk and Instagram @lucianaberry.

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