Brazilian food in London: these days there’s no reason to feel homesick


Longing to cook some traditional Brazilian food? In London you can find everything you need, often without having to leave the house

The UK is home has the largest population of Brazilian immigrants in Europe. Studies suggest that the steady migration of Brazilians to the UK began in the 1980s. However, this phenomenon has seen considerable growth in recent years, especially in the nation’s capital, London. As the UK’s Brazilian community expanded, so too did the demand for domestic Brazilian products, especially food and drink.

Therefore, BBMag decided to do some research and discovered a universe of options.

Take Brazilian meat, for example, famous throughout the world for quality and taste: well, now you can find everything you need for your barbecue at any of the several specialist Brazilian butchers scattered around London.

Thinking of throwing a party and want to serve coxinhas, rissoles, cheese balls and other Brazilian savoury finger food? Rest assured: there are specialist suppliers offering these and other quintessential Brazilian delicacies, including sweets like brigadeiros and olho-de-sogra (a coconut and prune bonbon).

Planning to offer your English friends a decent Brazilian wine? There are currently eight Brazilian wineries that export to the UK, which accounted for 173,659 thousand litres of Brazilian wine and sparkling wine sold in 2016. The UK is the number one importer of Brazilian wines in Europe and third in the world, behind Paraguay and the USA. The trend for less alcoholic and fruiter wines, as well as the natural curiosity that British consumers have for new age wines, are some of the reasons, according to importers, for the increasing local demand for Brazilian products.

As well as wine, you can find other classic Brazilian beverages, such as guarana, cachaça (for your caipirinha), and beer. These, and others, can be bought from numerous grocery stores and supermarkets in London, many of which carry a wide range of Brazilian products, from drinks to pão de queijo (cheese bread) to everything you could possibly need to make the perfect feijoada.

As well as in specialist Brazilian retailers, you’ll find many of these products stocked by the leading supermarket chains.

Most stores also offer a home delivery service, so you can even buy your Brazilian products online.

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