Brazilian Guitarist Rodrigo Nassif to perform in England


The Brazilian Guitarist Rodrigo Nassif has some dates scheduled for performances in the UK.

Rodrigo is a gaúcho (from the state of Rio Grande do Sul), and graduated in music at the University of Passo Fundo (UPF), before doing his masters at the Luís Gianneo Conservatoire in Argentina. Prior to ‘Quarteto’, his successful group, Nassif had made three solo recordings, receiving a range of awards and plaudits for his talents.

But his real breakthrough was the release of Quarteto’s debut album, “Todos Os Dias Serão Outono” (Everyday will be Autumn), which went right to the top of the Brazilian iTunes chart, showing that there is a considerable market for instrumental music.

Nassif is a Pianist as well as Guitarist, so for those who enjoy a variety of rhythms, melodies and genres, such as the tango-milonga, jazz, rock and waltz, don’t miss out on your chance to see this talented Brazilian artist.

Performance dates:

16/02 – Thursday, 7pm, St. Neots, Black Cat Radio event.

Info: here.

18/02 – Saturday, midday, Oxfam bookshop, Reading. (Free entry)

Info: here.

01/03 – Wednesday, 4:30pm, Oxfam bookshop, London. (Free entry)

Info: here



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