Brazilian lakes and lagoons


Brazil, besides having magnificent beaches, also has several lakes and lagoons that are perfect for those searching for a little rest and relaxation

Brazil, perhaps best known for being home to some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, also has wonderful lakes and lagoons, perfect for travellers looking for true tranquillity. Whether natural or manmade, located on the coast or in the countryside, these landscapes paint a true picture of serenity and natural beauty.

Here we have handpicked a few of our favourites for you to fall in love with.


North Brazil
Lago do Caracaranã: Although there is no official accommodation, Lago do Caracaranã, in Normandia, Roraima, is still one of the jewels of the state. Closed to the public for many years on account of being an area of indigenous preservation, it reopened to visitors in 2013 with an entry price of R$10 per day and R$5 for an overnight stay. All visitor needs are amply served by Normandy, the nearest town, which is an 18km-drive from the lake.


North East Brazil

Lagoa do Uruaú: One of the most beautiful tourist spots in the entire north-eastern region, Lagoa do Uruaú is close to Fortaleza, Ceará, and is part of an environmentally protected reserve. The waters are calm and, at certain points, shallow enough to form swimming pools. With carefree and quiet surroundings, the lagoon is the perfect place for those seeking a little peace.

Midwest Brazil

Lago Paranoá: The artificial lake, 48 km² in total, is in Brasília, the nation’s capital city. It was built during the government of President Juscelino Kubitschek. The lake itself was created by the damming of the Paranoá River, and even features a number of manmade beaches. Visitors can also practice water sports, such as canoeing, rowing and diving.


Southeast Brazil

Lagoa da Pampulha: Also artificial, Lagoa da Pampulha is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. It is surrounded by an architectural complex, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, which plays host to national and international events, such as the Disney World parade in 2010.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas: One of the picture postcards of Rio de Janeiro, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas features two islands, the Piraquê Island and the Caiçaras Island, which house two social clubs, the Piraquê and the Caiçaras, respectively. It was the venue for the rowing and canoeing competitions during the 2016 Olympic Games. The Lagoa, as it is known, also hosts the HQ of the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. Around the lake itself there are several kiosks selling food and refreshments, and it’s even possible to take to the water in a pedal boat.

Lago Orion: One of São Paulo’s natural beauty spots, the lake is in Aldeia da Serra. Although there are a number of private condominiums that surround the lake, it is still possible to access the area and enjoy a picnic by the water.


South Brazil
Lagoa Mangueira: Located in Rio Grande do Sul, Mangueira remains relatively undiscovered. It is considered to be a young formation, formed only 4,500 years ago. The area is teeming with wildlife and the lake itself is home to a type of microalga that helps filter much of the air pollution. Interestingly, the waters themselves, pure and clear in appearance, are the result of the local rain and the region’s water tables.


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