Brazilian music scores online


The Fundação Nacional das Artes in Brazil has made more than 1200 scores of Brazilian music available to the public

Funarte, the Fundação Nacional das Artes (National Foundation of the Arts) in Brazil, has made more than 1200 scores of Brazilian music readily available online, and at no cost, as part of a project named the “Brazilian International Songbook Online”.

The scores are divided into three major categories: Popular Music, Concert Music and Bands. Across all genres, visitors to the site can discover a wealth of variety, ranging from Bossa Nova classics, written by Tom Jobim, to some of the contemporary classics of Brazilian Popular Music, penned by Chico Buarque, in addition to pieces composed by Almeida Prado and the Jesuit Nunes Garcia.

The lyrics, on the official website, are available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. The scores will be used in Embassies of Brazil around the world to promote the teaching and appreciation of Brazilian music, whether in schools or amongst the general public. In all, there are 13 volumes available: 3 for Popular Music, 3 for Music Bands and 7 for Concert Music.


You can check out further information on the Funarte website.


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