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Be it in Brazilian bars and restaurants or through recipes you find on the internet, buying what you need at the supermarket and making meals at home, the diverse, creative and multicultural Brazilian gastronomy reflects the origins of the Brazilian people. With a mix of indigenous, African and Portuguese influences, Brazilian cuisine is a veritable explosion of flavour, with numerous snacks, dishes and desserts.

Brazilian bars and restaurants in London offer a range of options for traditional Brazilian food, with menus that will leave your mouth watering!

Brazilian barbecue: A speciality of the South, Brazilian barbecue is based on a rich selection of cuts of meat, brought to your table by waiters, while you help yourself to the salad buffet. You can either do your BBQ at home or go to one of the specialised Brazilian barbecue restaurants, which guarantee a fine experience and satisfied stomach.

Feijoada: Brazil’s most famous dish is originally Portuguese and the best ones require a vast selection of ingredients – in addition to the beans, of course. All sorts of different pork cuts, jerky, kale and fried cassava root flour make up the essential list, and combine to create a magical and delicious mix of flavours. Go along to one of the Brazilian restaurants in London where you can find this must try dish.

Picadinho: A traditional home-cooking recipe which is served in 8 out of 10 Brazilian households at lunchtime, the dish combines a beef steak with rice and fried egg, and sometimes comes with a fried banana. In addition to being commonplace in Brazilian restaurants, it’s an easy option to make at home.

Pasteizinhos: Easy to make and tasty little snacks, pasteizinhos (mini-pasties) can be either fried or baked. The pastry can be bought in specialist Brazilian supermarkets, and the filling can be meat, cheese, chicken, prawn or anything you fancy.

Coxinhas: Deep fried and filled with chicken meat and cheese, the coxinha (chicken thigh) is one of Brazil’s most popular snacks and is a great mid-afternoon treat. Once you’ve bought some breadcrumbs at a Brazilian supermarket, you can go about making your home-made Brazilian coxinhas!

Pão de Queijo: A speciality of the state of Minas Gerais, pão de queijo (Cheese bread) is delicious for breakfast, in the afternoon or at night. Very easy to prepare, they can even be bought frozen and ready to bake at specialised Brazilian supermarkets.

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