The Brazilian Taste Festival launches in London


Experience A Carnival of Exciting New Flavours

Brazilian Taste Fest 1For those on the look out for the next big gastronomic trend, the hottest ticket in town this May will be the Brazilian Taste Festival at the Brazilian Embassy in London, hosted by acclaimed Brazilian chefs Flavio Amaral and Junior Menezes.

With a rich gastronomic culture, Brazil is the home of a wealth of exotic ingredients and recipes just waiting to be discovered by British foodies, and the Brazilian Taste Festival is the first ever chance for chefs, mixologists, food writers and grocery trade to sample an astonishing range of Brazilian delicacies under one roof.

Brazilian Taste Fest 2“We have a passion for our home country’s culture and cuisine,” says Junior Menezes, Master member of the UK Chef’s Association. “Coming from the North East region, the home of Moqueca (a fragrant fish stew served in a clay pot) I am excited to share the rich gastronomic traditions with the British public.”

As Head Chef to the Brazilian Ambassador, Flavio Amaral is renowned for blending the rich cuisine from his native Minas Gerais with traditional flavours from other regions. “In Olympic year, all eyes will be on Brazil – the aim of the Brazilian Taste Festival is to give British restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers the opportunity to experience the wonderful diversity of flavour that makes Brazilian cuisine so exciting.”

Brazilian Taste Fest 3The Brazilian Taste Festival will feature demonstrations and workshops by Brazilian chefs focusing on regional specialties and products – attendees will also have the opportunity to sample indigenous food and drinks throughout the event, and make contact with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.



To register your interest in attending the Brazilian Taste Festival on 9-10th May, at the Brazilian Embassy, Cockspur Street, London W1 contact:


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