Brazilian women’s football team taking Rio 2016 by storm


Anyone who maybe still thought that football isn’t for girls is really in need of a close look at themselves.

After a second consecutive victory, this time an emphatic 5-1 thumping of Sweden, the players of Brazil’s women’s football team, led by Marta, Cristiane and Beatriz, are showing that football is a fundamental ingredient in any Brazilian’s DNA – whatever their sex.

The result guarantees Brazil a ticket to the quarter-finals, possibly with first place in the group – which will be confirmed depending on the result from the match against South Africa.

In the next round, however, the little canaries, managed by Oswaldo Alvarez, will come up against some tough opponents: Australia (who knocked Brazil out of the 2015 World Cup) or Germany (second best in the world at the moment). If they get to the semis – they will likely face the US – the favourites for gold. However, the way things are going so far mean that enthusiasm levels are at an unprecedented high.

With guts, character and plenty of tekkers, the Brazilian girls have already won over the supporters, and no matter how far they end up going in the competition, they are already champions for a lot of people. “If only the men’s team could learn something from the women and play the way they are playing” are the words on many a Brazilian’s lips at the moment.



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