The Embassy of Brazil in London promotes debate about Brazilian writer Lima Barreto


The Embassy of Brazil in London is set to hold a debate in honour of the release of a new book: “Lima Barreto – sátiras e Outras subversões” (Lima Barreto – satires and other subversions).

The new work is a collection of recently discovered texts by the Brazilian writer Lima Barreto (1881-1922), who is known to have used various pen names. With an introduction from Dr. Felipe Botelho Correa (King’s College London), who was responsible for putting the collection together, the book brings together a host of chronicles which appeared in Brazilian magazines such as “Fon-Fon” and “Careta”, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Other participants at the debate, as well as Dr. Correa, will be Dr. Claire Williams (University of Oxford), Professor Robert Oakley (University of Birmingham), Professor David Treece (King’s College London) and Dr. Vinicius de Carvalho (King’s College London).

About Lima Barreto

Afonso Henriques de Lima Barreto, better known as Lima Barreto, was born in Rio de Janeiro and was a jornalist and writer. Widely considered to have been one Brazil’s most important writers, he is the author of novels, satires, tales and chronicles and contributed immensely to popular illustrated magazines and anarchist newspapers at the beginning of the 1900s. His most striking and impressive work, however, was discovered and released posthumously.


Where: Embassy of Brazil in London

When: 9 November

Time: 6:30pm

For further information:

Please e-mail to reserve a place.

To purchase the book, e-mail

Copies of the book will not be available for purchase during the event, due to Embassy restrictions


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