Brazilians in London offer guided Christmas tours in Portuguese


London’s charm really becomes apparent during the festive season.

The city lights up, shop windows glisten with Christmas decorations and the bustling streets offer a myriad of distractions for the chilly afternoons and crisp winter nights.

Tourist guides usually offer a few different kinds of Christmas tours of the city, but now there is one especially for you: guided tours in Portuguese!

For example, you could visit the Charles Dickens Museum – the author of ‘A Christmas Carol’, the book which almost single-handedly invented the modern western concept of what Christmas represents. The museum resides in a specially decorated house, which has displays of typical British Christmas cultural scenes. Aside from the Dickens museum, there is Covent Garden Market, the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree and the Somerset House Ice Rink, all of which are absolute sure fire hits for a successful Christmassy day out.

An alternative option is to take a stroll along some of the city’s busiest shopping streets, such as Oxford Street and Bond Street, and soak in the Christmas lights and shop window displays, maybe even popping into Harrods for a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

How about the Christmas Pub Crawl? It takes in 14 pubs, with four pit stops for enjoying some traditional English beer and Christmas hospitality.

Sounds fun? With all this variety, there is a Christmas outing for anyone and everyone!


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