Brazilica Festival 2016 – Liverpool


Already in its ninth consecutive year the Brazilica Festival 2016 returns to the streets of Liverpool for another exciting edition, bringing with it all the energy, colour, sound and flavour of Brazil.

The festival, which is organised by the Liverpool Carnaval Company, will also include the Brazilian Film Festival – screenings of Brazilian films – and the Fringe Festival, which will bring exclusive exhibitions and workshops from São Paulo.

The flagship event of the festival, as always, will be the Carnaval processions that take place in the evening, accompanied by a chorus of drums and samba dancers from all over the UK, parading through the main streets.

The music, dance, costumes and fanfare will give the occasion a typically Brazilian feel. If you are in the Liverpool area on these dates, don’t miss out!

When: 15 to 17 July

Where: The parades start at Abercromby Square, Liverpool

The main stage is in Derby Square, Liverpool

For more information and the full programmes of events:


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