British TV programmes that cracked Brazil and the rest of the world


Watching TV is a worldwide habit. Independent of age, sex or belief, millions of people set aside time in their day to watch the magic little box, whether it’s to tune in to their favourite programme or just to flick through the channels with the remote.

This habit is no different in Brazil where many programmes are followed fanatically, but it just so happens that several of them were created by the British and adapted for international audiences, before arriving here in Brazil and winning over the locals.


Hell’s Kitchen
tv 7Created in 2004 by the British TV channel ITV (Independent Television), this highly pressurised, nerve racking culinary programme, aired in the United Kingdom until 2009. The personification of Hell’s Kitchen is Chef Gordon Ramsey, who shows the contestants little mercy, pushing them to embrace the realities of a genuine, professional kitchen. The Brazilian format is broadcast by the channel SBT and is called “Cozinha Sob Pressão” (Kitchen Under Pressure). It is presented by Carlos Bertolazzi and is very successful, having already completed three series.


Top Gear 
One of the most popular TV programmes in the UK, Top Gear covers a number of different automotive related themes, with a focus on cars. In their distinctly irreverent style, the presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been serving up their brand of humour for many years. Now, tv 6the original trio went to another channel, Amazon prime, for a new show, and BBC hired new hosts and few others co-hosts for Top Gear. Brazilians love the show so much that Netflix Brazil offers almost all of the seasons, including the one-off specials.

The X Factor
tv 5This programme is renowned globally and is always a hot-topic on the Internet thanks to its record for discovering bright musical talents. The X-Factor is a British TV show created by Simon Cowell, who is always on the hunt for the next big star. With 12 series completed, the programme is broadcast annually from September to November. Many of today’s most famous performers got their break on the show. In Brazil its success is no different: it is transmitted by the Sony channel and watched by thousands of Brazilians who revel at watching the new contestants strive for stardom.


tv 4A culinary television reality show replete with tough tasks, tension and kitchen countdowns, MasterChef grabs your attention from start to finish. Originally a British programme and conceived by Franc Roddam in 1990, it has been through several changes in terms of format and today’s version is watched in over 40 different countries. It is the most watched television series in Australia. This winning formula first arrived in Brazil in 2014, shown on Band TV, and is currently running its third series, counting on some big culinary names on its jury, such as Erick Jacquin, Paola Carosella and Henrique Fogaça.



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