Brits and Brazilians create immersive space with 360º images of São Paulo


Brits and Brazilians always come up with interesting ideas when working together.

A group of British art collective known as MLF (Marshmallow Laser Feast) have joined forces with Brazilian artists to create a virtual reality of the state capital in an exhibit named “Vestígios Paulistanos – Poética da Metrópole Distraída”, which was opened at the Galeria de Arte Digital Sesi-SP on 30 September.

The group, which included names like Robin McNicholas, Ersinhan Ersin and Eleanor Whitley, left for São Paulo with 13 Brazilian artists in a bid to capture images using a device which is capable of 360 degrees scanning, after which the images can be recreated on a computer to convert them into 3D, immersive experiences.

With the aid of glasses, headsets and a vest that vibrates, the group re-creates, by way of example, the flight of a dragonfly above a forest’s canopy, a visual simulation that is experienced first-hand.

Another show using similar techniques was created by the same group, in São Paulo in March this year. Entitled “Dividing Lines”, the video was born from a workshop held by SESI-SP and the British Council.

Three other works complete the exhibition: “Zonas de Indiscernibilidade”, “Fragmentos”, “Contemplação do Invisível” (“Zones of indiscernibility”, “Fragments” and “Contemplation of the Invisible), which take a different look at aspects that the artists consider to be less than evident in São Paulo.

The interactive exhibition is open to the public and is on show on the Alameda das Flores, in front of the Sesi building.

What: Exhibition – “Vestígios Paulistanos – Poética da Metrópole Distraída”

Where: Galeria de Arte Digital Sesi-SP. Av. Paulista, 1.313, Bela Vista

When: From  30 Spetember to 15 November, Monday-Sunday, 8-10pm


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