Brit’s and Brazilian’s favourite dishes


Have you ever wondered what the most popular foods in Brazil are? Or in the UK? Might there be any similarities?

A study conducted by Oxfam (a British charity), gives us a good idea. They interviewed 16,400 adults in 17 different countries, including Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Have a look at the two nations top ten favourite dishes.


  1. Lasagna
  2. Rice
  3. Pasta
  4. Feijoada*
  5. Pizza
  6. Barbecue
  7. Chicken
  8. Fish
  9. Cheese
  10. Beans

 *Feijoada is a traditional Bean Stew, with pork cuts, served with rice, farofa (seasoned cassava or corn flour), egg, fried greens and sliced orange.



  1. Steak
  2. Pasta
  3. Chicken
  4. Curry
  5. Pizza
  6. Chocolate
  7. Chinese food
  8. Fish
  9. Roast dinner*
  10. Indian

*Roast dinner or Pot roast is a traditional British meal, usually served on Sundays, consisting of a piece of Roast Beef, accompanied by Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes, cooked vegetables and gravy.



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