Caetano Veloso and Teresa Cristina in London


The internationally famous Caetano Veloso is coming back to London in April. The show will take place at the Barbican in London and Caetano will be accompanied by the singer Teresa Cristina, who will open the concert with a Cartola repertoire (Cartola was a singer-songwriter, poet and Guitarist who, even 40 years after passing away, is considered one of the greatest sambistas in the history of Brazilian music). Teresa will also sing a few duets with Caetano at the end of the show.

This international project will be the first time the two musicians share a stage on tour. Two magnificent representatives of Brazilian music whose voices will, without a doubt, captivate their British audience.

When: 21 April, 8pm

Where: Barbican London – Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS


For further information or to purchase tickets, click here 


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