Campaign promoting the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio


The Embassy of Brazil in London is promoting a campaign, which started on 22 June, to raise awareness about Brazil, Rio and Brazilian sport, particularly concerning the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The scheme, which is not costing the Brazilian government a single centavo, will be running until 26 June on big screens in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, and is expected to reach an estimated audience of 6 million people, including a significant amount of foreign travellers. The Ministry of Sport has produced a series of videos and images specifically for the campaign. One of the screens to be used is the iconic ‘curve’ (101.3 m2), in Piccadilly Circus. It is one of the most prestigious advertising spots in the world. If you are interested in seeing the video, it is available to watch at the following address:

Here is where you can check out the campaign:

The Curve – Piccadilly –

Eat street –

Trinity Wandsworth –

Screen @ Grand Central –

Edinburgh One –

Manchester Digi Bridge –



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