Centro Britânico opens its competition for Brazilian musicians


English school Centro Britânico and music label Midas Music have opened inscriptions for a music competition for bands, singers and musicians from all over Brazil.

The competition is called the Centro Britânico Music Fest, and is aiming to discover Brazil’s hidden musical talents. The winner will have their own album produced by Midas Music – producer and entrepreneur Rick Bonadio’s label – complete with photo session, music video and a personalized visual identity.

The competition will be split into four phases: inscriptions, two elimination rounds and a grand finale. Anyone interested should sign up, free of charge, by 10 January, via the official website .

As part of the inscription process, participants will need to send a link to a YouTube video of them performing either a cover, or a composition of their own, which can be sung in Portuguese or English.

The competition is open for all ages, and aims to promote music, culture and language learning throughout the country, whilst giving talented individuals the chance to show their gift to the world.

Further information about the different stages of the competition can be found by clicking here, on Centro Brtiânico Idiomas’ official Facebook page.


Source: Perfexx Assessoria – perfexx.com.br


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