Chef Luciana Berry is the winner of Top Chef Brasil 2020


A remarkable achievement and a real honour of her extraordinary gastronomy skills

We are incredibly happy and thrilled to announce that BBMAG’s very own Brazilian gastronomy chef/food writer the super talented Luciana Berry has become the winner of this year’s Top Chef Brasil!

After an emotional dispute with César Scolari and Lara Carolina during the event entitled Menu da Vida (Menu of Life), Luciana was chosen as the best chef by Felipe Bronze and the judges Emmanuel Bassoleil and Ailin Aleixo.

From all the team at BBMAG, congratulations Luciana on winning this esteemed title as the best at Top Chef Brasil 2020!

Brazilian chef in the UK:

Luciana Berry’s mission as a chef in the UK is to showcase the exotic flavours and ingredients that are integral to Brazilian cuisine. Luciana is an Ambassador of Brazilian cuisine and culture in the UK mixing modern and classic cooking techniques to deliver unique yet subtle tastes from a country which until now few other chefs have successfully exploited.

Want to see some delicious Brazilian recipes from Lucian Berry then check out on BBMag:

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