Children’s Books in Portuguese in the United Kingdom? Yes, indeed!


Many Brazilian parents who live in the UK have problems when it comes to teaching their offspring their mother tongue, or arrive in the UK with a relatively low level of English. This has a knock on effect of meaning that sometimes these parents don’t make much of a habit of reading to their children.

Reading is absolutely crucial for a child’s development and any kind of incentive is brilliant if it can get little ones interested in picking up a book. As a way of helping out parents, it is now much easier to get hold of books in Portuguese.

The Facebook group “Livros em Português no Reino Unido” has plenty of options, including books with interactive features, such as the ones that play music, have microphones, or even a mini cinema projector, all of which goes to making the book more of a ‘toy’ as far as the child is concerned, sparking their curiosity.

Prices are in the region of £1 to £6, and the books are sent via post from Bristol to all regions of the UK.

One word of advice though; make sure you specify whether you need Brazilian or European Portuguese, as both variations are available on the group.

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