Chit-Chat: Interesting facts about Italy and its people


Discover some little-known facts about Italian culture


– Brazilian or Italian coffee? Which is your favourite?

Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, one of the most beloved drinks in Brazil is the “cappuccino”, an Italian coffee serving with frothy milk.



– Watercolours

Although the origins of watercolour painting trace back to the East, more specifically China, the technique was developed and perfected by Italian artists throughout the Middle Ages, in the cities of Florence and Venice.



– Italian words used in Brazil

Many music-related words were directly imported from Italian, with little or no translation. Some examples include sonata, aria, piano, solfege, concert, opera, tenor, conductor, serenade, violin and cello. There are also a number of mouth-watering examples from the world of gastronomy, such as lasagna, ravioli, pizza, polenta, carpaccio and spaghetti.


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