Chit Chat – Part 2


– Amazonian fish

1,500 species of fish have already been discovered in Amazonian rivers, but estimates suggest that there is probably at least double this amount. This would equate to 15 times the number of species found in European rivers.


– A gift from Norwegian people

The Christmas tree displayed in Trafalgar Square each year is an annual gift from the people of Oslo, in gratitude for the London’s support during World War II.



– They don’t make them like they used to

Worldwide, Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest palace still in regular use by a Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II lived there during World War II.


– Excusez-moi?

French was the official language of England between 1066 and 1362 as a result of the Norman Conquest. One of the enduring hallmarks of the time was the construction of imposing fortresses, including the Tower of London.


– Don’t forget your umbrella

Did you know that each year approximately 80,000 umbrellas are left on London’s Underground?



– The ravens of the Tower of London

Old legend says, “If the ravens leave the Tower of London, the Kingdom will fall…” Concerned about the crown, Charles II, the son of the beheaded Charles I, declared that the six crows of the Tower of London would have permanent protection and care. To this day, the tower houses ravens. The birds are protected by royal decree, and have a Raven Master at their disposal. They are fed raw meat twice a day (and the occasional mouse) and have individual names and lineage (a ribbon identifies them). They are left to interact with each other as they see fit, and are prone to attack if provoked.


– London was not always London

London has gone by several different names throughout history. During the Roman invasion it was called Londinium. In the Saxon era it was Lundenwic. And during the reign of Alfred the Great it was named Lundenburg.


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