Cineclub Brazil announces the first showing of 2017


Cineclub Brazil, a monthly event organised by the Embassy of Brazil in London, has already decided on its first screening of 2017.

The chosen film is the Drama ‘Absence’, directed by Chico Teixeira. The story is about Serginho (Matheus Fagundes), a 14-year-old boy who is far more mature than his peers. He looks after his younger brother, William, and alcoholic mother, Luzia. Working at a market stall with his Uncle, he only ever has fun when he is with Mudinho, his best friend and only confidant. The only adult with whom Serginho has any sort of a healthy relationship is his teacher Ney, who helps him with his homework at night. His mixed feelings about his own sexuality and his search for a father figure only serve to make Serginho feel all the more alone in the world.


What: Cineclub Brazil – Absence

When: 11 January, 6:30pm

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London – 14-16 Cockspur Street, London SW1Y 5BL


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