Cineclub Brazil On the Move


Cineclub Brazil, in partnership with the Horniman Museum, is set to go on the road. First stop is a session at the museum’s Garden Pavilion, where there will be a screening of ‘The Second Mother’ (Que horas ela volta?).

The film, directed by Anna Muylaert, focusses on domestic housekeeper Val, who leaves her young daughter to grow up in the north-east of Brazil, so as to be a full-time Nanny for Fabinho, a privileged child of a well off São Paulo family. As the years go by Val gains her financial independence, but has to live with her feelings of guilt at having abandoned her daughter, Jéssica. Years after losing touch, Jéssica calls her mother asking to come to São Paulo, sparking Val’s hopes of getting a second chance with her daughter.

When: 13 July

Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Gardens Pavilion | Horniman Museum and Gardens | 100 London Road, Forest Hill | London SE23 3PQ

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