Cineclub Brazil: Tatuagem


To finish off with in May, Cineclub Brazil presents the film Tatuagem (Tattoo), directed by Hilton Lacerda.

The story takes place in 1978, with the Military Dictatorship starting to lose its grip over Brazil. A theatre group from Recife called “Chão de estrelas” (‘Starry ground’) put on open-air performances, challenging the regime’s power and morals. The group’s leader and director, Clécio Wanderley, makes a point of including as much debauchery, anarchy and subversion as possible in his politically charged presentations.

It’s within this heated atmosphere that Clécio meets Fininha, an 18-year-old soldier who changes his life completely. A coming together of two entirely different worlds, which will have a permanent impact on both of their bodies and souls, much like a tattoo.

Where: Embassy of Brazil in London | Auditorium

Day and Time: 25 May | 6:30pm

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